Rockford Fosgate T1D412 Power 12 T1 4-Ohm DVC Subwoofer

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Product Description Rockford Fosgate engineered power Series subs for ultimate high-power, high-volume bass. The power Series T1D412 12′ subwoofer features a responsive paper cone that’s reinforced with the same Kevlar fibers used in bulletproof vests. A hard anodized aluminum dust cap covers and protects the entire cone, showcasing the glossy Rockford Fosgate logo. The result? you get Classic warm bass from a cone that’s virtually indestructible. The Power Series T1D412 Dual 4-Ohm subwoofer builds on innovative new Rockford Fosgate technologies. These bad boys have patented VAST technology that increases surface cone area up to 25%, so the T1D412 performs like a much larger woofer over the previous model. The new FlexFit basket not only looks the part but provides extreme flexibility for installations. Clean, high-tech and ready to set off car alarms, the T1D412 is here. Rockford Fosgate Power Series Subs Rockford’s top-of-the-line subs are big in every way. Rockford engineers started with cast aluminum baskets and loaded in powerful linear motors. Add to that dual spiders, aluminum cones, and high excursion rubber surrounds and you get a sub that is both physically impressive and sonically overwhelming. Power subwoofers deliver pounding bass, extreme low frequency extension and unheard of power handling capacity. T1D412 Features Speaker Construction Anodized aluminum voice coil former / copper clad aluminum wire High Excursion TPE (Thermo-Plastic Elastomer) Surround Parabolic triangular cone geometry support system Precision cast and vented aluminum alloy basket Removable and reversible screw concealing ring Embedded Copper Heat Sink Shorting Ring Reduces back EMF (Electro-Magnetic Force) for reduced distortion and improved system efficiency. Flex Fit Basket The Flex Fit frame utilizes slots (where feasible) instead of single screw sized holes. This allows slight adjustment of the speaker when mounted. Proprietary SWIFT Connection Allows quick selection of impedance and one pair of inputs (Selectable Woofer Impedance Fused Terminal). Symmetrical Dual Progressive Spiders Dual opposing speders improve mechanical stability under high excursion. VAST Surround VAST (Vertical Attach Surround Technique) significantly increases a speakers effective radiating cone area without complicated installation issues. This design alters the typical design and manufacturing technique by eliminating the large flat glue surface area (the landing) which allows the surround to be shifted for increased cone area. In turn, both nominal efficiency and maximum output capabilities are dramatically improved. Power subwoofers deliver pounding bass, extreme low frequency extension and unheard of power handling capacity. . T1D412 Specifications Size: 12′ Impedance: Dual 4-Ohm Selectable to 2-Ohm or 8-Ohm Power Handling: 800 Watts RMS 1600 Wats MAX Speaker Connector: Compression Terminal SPL: 86 dB Mounting Depth: 6.75 in. (17.1 cm) Thirty Years of Rockford Fosgate Rockford Fosgate products have been designed and engineered in Tempe, Arizona since the beginning. Rockford’s 30 year reputation is grounded in engineering and manufacturing some of the finest audio products in the world. The company’s no-compromise approach has yielded patented iconic products such as the Punch EQ, Punch 45 amplifier and the 3Sixty integrated signal processor. Today, Rockford’s new products push the performance envelope even further. Each new product is a step forward–they sound bigger, they play louder, and run longer. Rockford never settles for ‘good enough.’ The 2010 product line represents the company’s core philosophy. Rockfords new amplifiers, speakers and subwoofers have raised the bar on the competition. What’s in the Box Rockford Fosgate Power T1D412 12′ 1600 watt Power Subwoofer, Trim Ring, Installation Hardware, User’s Manual On a Tighter Budget? For those seeking a more affordable solution, Rockford offers a few other 4-ohm, 12-inch DVC subs: the Punch Series P3D412 and P1S412, and the Prime Series R1S412. Power Series Dual-Voice-Coil Subs Pick 10-inch or 12-inch, 2- or 4-ohm. Rockford Fosgate Power T1D210 10′ 1200 watt Power Subwoofer Rockford Fosgate Power T1D212 12′ 1600 watt Power Subwoofer Rockford Fosgate Power T1D410 10′ 1200 watt Power Subwoofer Rockford Fosgate Power T1D412 12′ 1600 watt Power Subwoofer



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