Garmin 18x 5Hz GPS Navigator Unit

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Product Packaging:Standard Packaging GARMIN 010-00321-37 CPS 18x 5Hz. The GPS 18x 5Hz is an OEM high sensitivity GPS sensor for use in machine control, guidance and agricultural applications that require 5 Hz position and velocity reports from a small, highly accurate GPS receiver. This high sensitivity, 12 parallel channel, WAAS enabled GPS comes with an integrated magnetic base for easy mounting. The puck like receiver is 2.4 inches in diameter and weighs just a few ounces, making it an ideal solution for applications where space is at a premium. The GPS 18x 5Hz stores configuration information in non volatile memory so it starts up quickly each time you use it. It also has a real time clock and raw measurement output data for sophisticated, high precision dynamic applications. For extra precision, it offers 5 Hz Measurement Pulse Output with rising edges that align to precise 0.2 second increments of UTC time, as long as the receiver has reported a valid and accurate position during the past 4 seconds. The GPS 18x 5Hz is a high sensitivity GPS sensor that replaces the GPS 18 5Hz.



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