Autos Noise Finder Detector Electronic Stethoscope with An Adjustable Headset

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This unit is high performance maintenance tool which is paricularly suitable for use in machine noise detector.By using it, you can easily detect and find the early hidden trouble of a machine so that you can service the machine in an early time to ensure the machine’s proper operation and avoid any damage and economic loss. This unit’s has a long and short probe reaches tight areas Ultra-sensitive mike and amplifier gives full range of sounds needed by the professional. Features: LED light indicate the strength of signal of the active channel Quickly and accurate pinpoints noise and location of engine bad bearings,bushings dirty fuel injectors,wind and air leaks,noisy valves and filters Battery powered and easy to use Consists IC circuit and transistor Small size and Light weight Comes with High sensitivity long & short probe Can be used for detecting noise in machine components, such as gears, valves, vents and pumps With an adjustable headset Specifications: Frequency Range : 100Hz~10kHz Input Impedance : >15M Ambient Noise Permitted : 100dB Working Temperature : -10°C ~ 55°C Power Supply : 9V battery (include) Size : 32 x 50 x 206mm (main part) Weight : about 240g (long probe + main part)



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