30sqft (3 x 10sqft) GTMat Pro 50mil Car Audio & Heat Shield Sound Deadener Mat & Dynamat Xtreme sampleerial

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Package Includes: 1 – Roll of 30sqft (18′ x 19′) GTMAT Pro 50mil Sound Deadening Material 1 – GTMAT Wooden Application Roller 1 – GTMAT Degreaser 2 – GTMAT Decals Easy to follow Installation Instructions Toll Free Customer Support Satisfaction Guaranteed! GTMAT Sound Deadener adheres to almost any surface instantly, and is pressure sensitive. The harder the pressure of application, the stickier the bond. Clean, grease-free surfaces provide the most durable applications. In general, the warmer the temperature, the tackier and more pliable the adhesive will be when handling and applying. Recommended application room temperature is between 50°F to+120°F (10C to 50C) GTMAT Sound Deadener has a superior temperature adhesion range that is much higher than the leading discount dampener or hardware store variety products. Consider this feature when using sound proofing in hot weather, or in heated automotive areas such as hood or firewall – You definitely do not want to use a mat that does not stick! GTMAT Sound Deadener is an extremely durable product. Rated at 20 years fail-free for exterior use, this product will deliver a lifetime of service in your automobile. GTMAT is water, oil, solvent, salt, rust, and heat resistant. Nominal 50 Mil Thick, 4 Mil Aluminum Shield, Sound AND Heat Insulation, Massive DB & SPL Gains, Overlap Layers for Additional Vibration Dampening, Flexible, Pliable, Malleable, Kill Unwanted Noise, Rattles, Vibrations, Impressive Bass Improvement. GTMAT Sound Deadener is a self-adhesive insulator coating that consists of a black elastomeric rubberized compound laminated to a protective layer of aluminum. The product is produced in rolls and comes with polymer film release layer that is removed upon application.



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